My Pilates Anytime Trip- Day Two

After a great sleep (on a real bed!!!) I was ready for my final day in LA. Since I didn’t have much time the day before to regroup from my flight I decided to take my time in the morning. Between waking up at around 9:00am, doing my stretches, replying to emails for the studio, showering and getting dressed for the day I was finally out the door by 11:00am and starving! When the Uber arrived I was greeted by Keisa. I had decided to take up my client Fleur’s advice and check out the Farmers Market. It’s quite the institution in LA, set up way back in 1934. Keisa was extremely excited and immediately suggested that I go to Du-Par’s Restaurant and treat myself the short stack of buttermilk hot cakes. Now seeing as though Du-Par’s was established in 1938, I believed Keisa when she told me these hot cakes were something special. I was willing to put aside my reservation of eating a sweet breakfast (I always come off the sugar rush hungry). 

Served with home made boysenberry syrup these things were amazing- and huge. I got through two out of three. I was pretty pleased with my efforts actually. 

Completely stuffed I figured I should get the body moving and proceeded to wander around The Grove, the great little shopping centre (center) right beside the Farmer’s Market. A great time was had by all- including the MasterCard... I left The Grove with a birthday present for Ben and a little number by Diane Von Furstenberg. 

Thanks to my accomplices Sally Anderson and Lanette Gavran for the aiding and abetting (and for letting me come Barbie shopping).

The gorgeous Gia from Pilates Anytime and I had dinner together at Gracias Madre, an amazing plant based Mexican restaurant. It was so wonderful to sit and chat to Gia especially considering that Gia was first point of contact for the competition. One thing that we both had in common is that neither of us are naturals at the whole social media thing- so we forgot to take a photo together. But we both looked amazing (of course).

While I packed my bags for my early start I subjected myself to a disaster of a television show 90 Day Fiancé. Treat yourself to a snippet here... 

More from my trip tomorrow x