With over thirteen years of experience teaching Pilates throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, Jo has amassed a tremendous amount of industry knowledge and experience. Her deep understanding of Pilates repertoire, anatomy and biomechanics, coupled with boundless patience and a sense of humour has established her reputation as a highly sought after practitioner. Jo’s passion for the Method continues to deepen as the years progress.

When she’s not running Sydney Centred Pilates Studio, Jo is kept busy within the Pilates community. She was recently announced the winner of the 2017 Pilates Anytime Next Teacher Contest. You can find her classes online on the international subscription website Pilates Anytime. Jo is also an educator and examiner for international training organisation Polestar Pilates, as well as being a Principal Trainer level member with the PAA.

As part of her support to up and coming Pilates instructors, Jo offers regular study groups to trainee teachers, mentors local physiotherapists and Pilates instructors.  Jo founded the Sydney Pilates Instructors ‘Meet Up Group’ in February 2016 -an initiative designed to develop the Sydney Pilates instructor community. Jo was invited onto the 2017 conference subcommittee and is now a full committee member for the Pilates Alliance of Australasia.


"Observing and working with Jo has been an integral part of my Pilates teaching journey, I carry her pearls of wisdom both in my own teaching and movement every day. Her ability to see the movement, interpret the individual’s challenge and provide exactly the right cue, deepening both the muscular and intellectual understanding is true embodiment of exceptional teaching. Always willing to discuss, clarify and assist – I will be eternally grateful for all of the help I received from Jo, Thank you!"~ Ailsa Moir
"Jo was my mentor during my Polestar Mat Pilates Instructor course. Jo’s knowledge and passion for pilates along with her kind and witty personality is what made my course training so enjoyable! As a first timer in the health and fitness industry. I felt quite overwhelmed at times and went through periods of self doubt. Jo totally believed in me, motivated and inspired me and provided me with all the knowledge I needed. Together with Jo, I was able to gain my self confidence and skills necessary to go out there and be the best teacher I could be. Less then one week after the completion of my course, I was ready and roaring to teach and had been asked to instruct classes within my local studios. I feel extremely fortunate to have had such a wonderful mentor and can’t thank Jo enough for all her support and guidance." ~ Marie Giffi
"People tend to forget that Pilates is a practice that changes thoughts as well as body and mind. Jo teaches in a way that challenges your thoughts first and as those thoughts change for you practice by practice, class by class you will find that the way that you breathe and move entirely changes too. Jo is passionate, skilled and creative - a true teacher of teachers!" ~ Megan Macgregor
"Jo is a wonderful Pilates teacher, educator and one of the most inspiring people I know. I attended both private sessions and also workshops with Jo in preparation for my Pilates exam ~ and I can quite honestly say after every session I walked away more confident in my Pilates, with more knowledge and encouragement to really think, grow and develop with Pilates not only in my teaching but also in my own body. Jo truly does embody what a true teacher should be ~ inspiring, motivating, passionate and helping you to open your eyes that little bit wider." ~ Victoria Barton